Saturday, June 16, 2012

More interesting Facebook: Multiple logins & passwords for a FB account

As you all know that the time has changed and the social networking has taken the most important place in youth’s life. Facebook- a leading name in the social media network is available with more than 900 million users.
A Facebook account generally has one username & one password for each account but we have come with multiple logins & password options for you. Normally you have to enter your email in username field and the password in password field. Now we will discuss all the alternatives for the usernames:
First: You always use the email id for entering in the username field like
Second: You can use your username for this field like “teniyalgarg” or ”teniyal741” which you have. If you don’t have, create one by clicking at setting.
Third: You can use another option instead of email id is mobile number like “9015353901”.
Now we talk about your password alternatives for your Facebook network. Everyone keeps a unique password for his account. I also have such kind of password like “TeniyalGARG741”. You can use your password in three different ways:-
First: you can simply type your original password as this “TeniyalGARG741”.
Second: You may use a different like “teniyalGARG741”. If you have a capital alphabetical letter at starting in your password then you have to use small letter for this like above.
Third: You are also authorized to use like this “tENIYALgarg741”. It means all the capital letters are replaced by small letters & all the small letters are replaced by capital letters.
Using any of the alternatives, you can login to your Facebook account & enjoy the social networking with your friends. Facebook has become the most powerful social network used by people as well as by businesses.
Teniyal Garg is a student of MCA 2nd year as well as he is a SEO Professional in a SEO Firm. You can follow him by his twitter network or make friend by his Google plus network.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Know About SEO Maximization

SEO stands for search engine optimization and maximization stands for maximizing the benefits that means SEO Maximization is the term to maximizing the SEO benefits. SEO is simply optimizing the websites or blogs so that search engines know what the website is about. It is important because when search engines know about the website then they gives the page ranks to the site in other sites competition about any topic. If the website has got proper optimization then it gets free traffic on it by search engines. At another point, if the optimization is not properly done then no results will come from search engines to the website.

 Search engines are the places where people go to look something up on the internet. For example there are a number of search engines but Google, Yahoo and Bing are popular search engines. So how the website is optimized for like Google. During SEO Maximization first of all, keyword research takes place to determine what keywords will be targeting by the website. A keyword is searched by people. For example if any person wants to know about SEO Services then keyword may be “Benefits of SEO Services” or “what SEO Services is” or related to this. When picking the keywords makes sure that the keywords are according to the needs of readers. After that term of choosing the domain name comes. The domain name has a huge importance in websites rankings because it is seen as a keyword for the website. If the domain name is chosen for a website of SEO Services then preferable domain name will be “”.

Friday, June 1, 2012

SEO With Quality Articles

SEO and Quality Articles is all about the article submissions or article marketing in SEO field. Search engine optimization is more than making the site rank well in the major search engines. SEO is an ongoing task that all webmasters need to undertake in order to keep reasonable positioning within search engines like Google & Yahoo and receive the subsequent traffic it brings. A common mistake many people make is to optimize the site once and believe that they can hold a rank, this might be true for some obscure key words but there is so much information flowing around the internet that there will always be someone willing to take the site on for rankings.

 A good way to build authority and search engine rankings for the site is through article directories. Article directories usually don’t generate a lot of traffic, but do provide quality one-way links back to a website and there’s always the possibility of the articles becoming popular and generating direct traffic. The two major article directories and are the best in terms of quality and what they allow, but there are hundreds of others to choose from. Part of the challenge in article marketing is obviously the writing of the article. Not only should the article appeal to the potential visitors but it must also appeal to the Webmasters and website owners. While the primary reason for the article, from the viewpoint, is to promote a website you must make it attracting for site owners.

 Website owners look for articles that offer value to the visitors. The written article should not be filled with blatant self-promotion. Any self-promotional aspects should be left for the appropriate paragraph at the end. However, it is important that the topic is relevant to the website. Otherwise the article will be picked up and used by other sites but it will either attract no clicks or the visitors that do navigate to the website will not be interested in looking around. And, they almost certainly won't be interested in purchasing the service or product. Links are the main part of SEO and article marketing provides a good basis for link building. Writing quality content and submitting to good quality directories can lead to increased traffic and search engine rankings. However, it is best not to get carried away submitting to hundreds of directories and you should always avoid the temptation of using automated submission software.